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Phillip Foster, CPA, Salt Lake City, Utah

Why not align with a financial visionary who cares for all of your financial needs?

  • Independent Auditor
  • Objective Accountant
  • Aggressive Tax Preparer
  • Wise Financial Visionary

Understanding Your Money

Wouldn’t you feel more secure focusing on building your business and enjoying your family life, knowing that your personal financial visionary is watching out for you?

Understand your money

Learn how to save more money and increase your net worth.

Phillip Foster CPA

Tax Preparation & Resolution

Have you wondered, "What is the difference between CPAs, EAs and Tax Attorneys, and their relative fees, when choosing a tax preparation and a tax resolution service?"

Tax Preparation and Resolution

Discover the value of a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider Tax Pro!

Audit, Review & Compilation

Would your homeowners' association benefit from a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider performing the HOA audit, review or compilation?

Phillip Foster CPA

Since 1981, Phil has known how to get the HOA job done, right!

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Are you frustrated with trying to be your own accountant? Would focusing on running your business increase your cash flow and profit?

Phillip Foster CPA

Learn a simple and easy approach to accounting and increase your cash flow and profits.

Advisory Services

Are you considering the legitimacy of a business opportunity, or a Multilevel Marketing Plan, that asks for big buy-in money?

Phillip Foster CPA

Evaluate MLM distributorships and recognize devastating pyramid schemes.

Phillip S. Foster, CPA shares vision and offers you the benefits of

From California to Utah!

In San Jose, California for 25 years!

Certified by the California Board of Accountancy, in April 1980, and commencing his own public accounting practice, in California, in April 1981, for over 25 years, Phil had combined the best in skills, organization, objectivity, integrity, and, most of all, vision, to help clients win with their money matters.

Now, in Sandy (Salt Lake City), Utah!

Phil brought his expertise to Utah, in 2007, and he became a Utah CPA, licensed by endorsement, by the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing.

The Dave Ramsey Show

The CPA • Endorsed by Financial Advisor Dave Ramsey!

In April 2008, Phil became Dave Ramsey's Endorsed Local Provider for the entire Salt Lake and Tooele County regions!

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